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John (Ivan) Jaworsky. "Weaponizing" Federalism? Russia and the Debate on Federalism/Decentralization in Ukraine and Other Post-Soviet States

There is a broad consensus on the need for administrative decentralization in Ukraine. Most discussions of…
Volodymyr Kulyk "Language Ideologies in the Era of Facebook: Ukrainian Social-Network Discussions Within and Across Borders"

This lecture will discuss linguistic choices and interaction strategies of Ukrainian Facebook users and their underlying…
Ivan Kozachenko "A City on the Brink of War: Kharkiv During and After the “Russian Spring”

After President Viktor Yanukovych was ousted in late February 2014, pro-Russian protests swept eastern and southern regions of Ukraine. Driven by fear and…
Bohdan Bociurkiw Memorial Lecture
Andrii Krawchuk "The Impact of Russia’s Intervention in Ukraine on Muslim, Jewish, and Baptist Communities"
The religious dimension of Russia’s war on Ukraine is significant but, as opposed to political,…
The religious dimension of Russia’s war on Ukraine is significant but, as opposed to political, economic, and military factors, largely neglected. It includes the divisive effects of the war and of policies introduced by occupation authorities on…

Volodymyr Kravchenko, Director, CIUS
Jars Balan, Administrative Co-ordinator, Kule Ukrainian Canadian Studies Centre, CIUS
David Marples, Director, Stasiuk Program for the Study of Contemporary Ukraine, CIUS
Bohdan Harasymiw,…

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