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This report includes the most typical, by their content, letters of Ukrainian immigrants from Bukovyna and Galicia, written from Canada in the years of 1897–1932. The letters are presented with few editorial corrections, abbreviations, or changes in…


Data about 1,200 serials in various libraries. The report is divided into two parts: publications from the Interwar Polish State (1918–1939), and those published in the Western Ukraine National Republic (1918–1919).

Holdings of the Central Scientific Library in Kyiv

A collection of Ukrainian memoirs made up of 200 entries divided into two sections: memoirs dealing with World War I, and those in the period 1917–24 as well as the Ukrainian Revolution. Bibliography Series editor: Edward Kasinec.

An indexed guide to 302 periodicals held at the Central Scientific Library. Co-published with the FITA Publishing Centre in Kyiv.

Bibliography Series editor Edward Kasinec introduces this reprint volume of two separate works—Bibliohrafiia ukrains'koi bibliohrafii and Ucrainica v zakhidno-evropeis'kykh movakh: vybrana bibliohrafiia—which represent the most significant…

This is likely Zlenko's major work. It includes separately published monographs with their own pagination and printed separately. It does not include unpublished dissertations, nor does it include material prepared for publication but not yet…

This report lists nearly 60 different Ukrainian Serials published in the Russian Empire in the early Twentieth Century.

The computer age has posed another challenge for the Ukrainian language to keep pace with developments in science and technology. Those who speak Ukrainian must be able to coin new terms or effectively assimilate foreign ones to keep the language up…

A bibliography of Ukrainian and Slavic serials in the Prague Slavonic LIbrary. Includes Slavic studies, serials bublished on territory settled by Ukrainians (Ukraine and territory outside Polish), serials in other languages other than Ukrainian (e.g.…

The Soviet famine of 1932–33 is an event in human history which is still little understood. While there is a consensus among Western scholars that such an event took place, the causes, geographical extent, and the severity in terms of excess…


A detailed manual of the two distinctive Ukrainian national music instruments: The Kobza and the Bandura. Includes history, notes, songs, and playing techniques.

Forty-three previously unpublished letters of Stefan Rudnytsky to Sofia and Stanyslav Dnistriansky.

This research report is the definitive bibliography of Volodymyr Vynnychenko's works and publications. Fully indexed and annotated, the report is bound quality library binding. Vynnychenko was not only a writer, but a statesman and politician. His…

Finding aid to the Ukrainian scout movement PLAST. The archival collection contains information that may interest researchers and historians in the area of local Ukrainian community history in Canada. It provides information on the problems of…

The Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences in the United States, New York City, houses the most comprehensive and important archival and manuscript collection on Ukrainians outside Ukraine. This report provides scholars and researchers with a…

This bibliography includes descriptions of serials, monographs, and pamphlets, as well as a transliteration of Ukrainian and other East Slavic languages based on the modified Library of Congress system.

A continuation of Research Report No. 26 and Research Report No. 27, this publication is a catalogue of newspaper holdings of the Central Scientific Library of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

A continuation of Research Report No. 26, this publication is a catalogue of newspaper holdings of the Central Scientific Library of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

A catalogue of the newspaper holdings of the Central Scientific Library of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
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